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Code of Conduct
There are some rules to make it for everyone possible to enjoy this web site. These acts are prohibited bye the law and can lead to punishments:

Racism, xenophobia, negationism en discrimination.
Racist remarks, propagating discrimination of sexual preferences, publishing racist pictures or insulting foreigners are forbidden.

Public offenses, publishing pornographic pictures, paedophilia, offering prostitution or escort services and implicitly or explicitly invite for sexual activities.
It is forbidden to upload pornographic pictures or too erotic texts. The same for inviting for sexual activities in public or by private messages. Humoristic or caricatural pictures can be an exception, as long as the humoristic character is the most obvious one.

Calumny, defamation, stalking, insults, abuse of the name or picture, abuse of faith, etc. are forbidden by the law and are punishable. Insults, abusing someone's name or picture, calumny and defamation are also forbidden on this web site.

It is strictly forbidden to publish messages or pictures with a damaging, threatening, misleading, defamatory, rancorous, agressive, racist, vulgar, denigrating, indecent, insulting, violent, obscene or pornographic content.

Violation of intellectual properties

It is also prohibited to disturb the public order on the web site. This means that spamming, recruiting votes, sending unsolicited commercials or collar letters, in private or public messages, unlawfully reloading pages, flooding or writing too long texts etc. can be prosecuted. So don't behave in an inappropriate or detrimental way.

Off course, (trying to) hack this web site or the account of a site-member is prohibited and punishable.
In this situation, we always warn the police, also when you're a minor.

Please use this Email for warn us about any ABUSE:

... or use the FORM that you can find under any single article.
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