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About AMBITION Award

The precious AMBITION Award was created in order to give an outstanding value to those basic human values which are about to extinguish today, such as altruism, devotion, professionalism, constancy, coherence, courage…
It is a concrete recognition for the person who wins, as well as for anyone else, as its aim is to stimulate everybody to put themselves together and make efforts to make their lives better.

WHITOUT ANY PREVIOUS NOTICE nor any POSSIBILITY TO APPLY, our researchers, incognito, are all around looking for people, companies, organizations which represent the real AMBITION LifeStyle.

Giving a quick look to the list of winners, you’ll soon notice that they belong to any kind of categories.
Living AMBITION does not necessarily mean being number 1 in the world.
Anyone can be AMBITION, a postman as well as a delivery-boy, a managing director as well as a famous TV-star , as well as a simple person who helps others.
So…watch out, you could be the candidate for our next AMBITION Award!

Besides from the “concrete” prizes, like t-shirts, B-CODE bracelets and “SIGN” necklaces, all the winners will get a whole article, with pictures, on our website.
The article contains a description of the winner, his activity and the reasons of the award.

It is not possible to apply for our award
After a period of observation, the prize is granted to the person who, according exclusively to our judgement, best represents the basic AMBITION values.

AMBITION firmly declares not to have any kind of direct or indirect commercial interest in respect to any winner of the award.

Therefore, we advice you to always be alert, and put all your devotion in what you’re doing…

You could be the next winner of the AMBITION award…

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