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AMBITION Events and Parties
If you follow the AMBITION Life Style, you’ll have the opportunity to enlarge your view, and meet a lot of new friends.

Periodically, we will arrange parties and events to which you could take part as a spectator or main character (depending on the kind of event)

To get all the infos about AMBITION events, all you have to do is look regularly on the website, or SIGN IN to receive our mailing list with all the news.

Thanks to our staff, which includes actors, showmen, dubbers… and multimedia specialists, as directors, cameramen, photographers,… we are more and more frequently invited to public events, fairs, and shows, where we bring special guests, make pictures, videos and write articles which we immediately put on our website.

Click here to contact us, if you want us to take part to your event.

Have a nice time!

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